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My name is Brittany Smith and I am a maker, stage tech, and art student from NH.

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Insight into the Commission Process- Sketches

Oftentimes, people get really inspired by certain dresses they see, and want something similar.

I can’t copy someone else’s design exactly— that’s stealing!— so I often have them send me designs they like, and I draw inspiration from them to create dresses they might like in my own style. 

In this case, I received the bottom two images from a client. (i will look up the sources as soon as I am able, hopefully I can track them down, as they’re absolutely lovely!) She preferred the red dress to the left.

From these dresses, I picked the major design elements:

  • asymmetrical color blocks 
  • curvilinear designs
  • traditional panels
  • decorative sleeves

Using those same elements, I designed dresses that were different, but had the similar influences.

It looks like we’re going with the first sketch! The next blog post will be on picking colors, and what different color combinations might say onstage! 

(a note: my designs are protected under the digital millennium copyright act. They may not be used by, or brought to, other dressmakers without my permission. If you are interested in having dresses made from these designs, drop me an email at bsmithcostuming@gmail.com)

EDIT: The two reference dresses can be found here! http://www.dance-again.com/X1676.html and here! http://www.dance-again.com/X1551.html. By Gavin Doherty and Bested Dressed

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