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Welcome to the Tumblr home of BSmith Arts!

My name is Brittany Smith and I am a maker, stage tech, and art student from NH.

Interested in a Commission? Have questions? Want to talk shop? Email at

Guess that #cosplay, an order of fabric just came in!! http://ift.tt/1v5uzBV

Just need to add the front skirting and finish setting the hardware, then this sparkly #bodice will be headed to Texas! #renfaire #fairy http://ift.tt/1DWPihB

Hey everyone…
I entered a spoonflower contest and I would love your votes!


The entries are all mixed in so you may have to search for mine, but I attached a picture of my how my pattern shows up on the votes page, and I’d really appreciate the support!

Appliques are drying after washing out the stabilizer. Almost there!

Just finished a pair of boot covers and a skirt for a customer’s Attack on Titan cosplay! 

Working on a new Irish Dance dress! Lots of sparkle on this one!

Corset Commission, Sewn by B.Smith Arts

Photography by Vor Creative Studios

Please do not remove credits! Thank you!

So I made a very big mistake of not backing up 100% of my paperwork files, and spent most of tonight trying to locate an old dress pricing chart. It was a lot of stress on my part that could have been alleviated if I backed it all up!

I write this as a loving PSA to any makers, freelancers, or artists out there:

Back up everything on something like google drive, so you can access it at any time!

These things are especially important, you never know when you might need them!

-pricing charts

-logo files

-marketing materials

-commission contracts

-model release forms (!!very important!!)

-artist statements/bios

-old pricing charts, previous contract records, and sketches

Feeling super burnt out from school projects and itching to use the new cutwork design I bought from Urban Threads (and get rid of some hot pink jersey I have hanging around), so before I start commission stuff tomorrow I might be throwing this together…


Also bemoaning the lack of colors that look good with hot pink. (without screaming Barbie!) I feel like I need a leather jacket and some studs or spikes or something to go with this because the fabric I have is TOO PINK FOR ME