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Welcome to the Tumblr home of BSmith Arts!

My name is Brittany Smith and I am a maker, stage tech, and art student from NH.

Interested in a Commission? Have questions? Want to talk shop? Email at

Hey everyone…
I entered a spoonflower contest and I would love your votes!


The entries are all mixed in so you may have to search for mine, but I attached a picture of my how my pattern shows up on the votes page, and I’d really appreciate the support!

Appliques are drying after washing out the stabilizer. Almost there!

Just finished a pair of boot covers and a skirt for a customer’s Attack on Titan cosplay! 

Working on a new Irish Dance dress! Lots of sparkle on this one!

Corset Commission, Sewn by B.Smith Arts

Photography by Vor Creative Studios

Please do not remove credits! Thank you!

So I made a very big mistake of not backing up 100% of my paperwork files, and spent most of tonight trying to locate an old dress pricing chart. It was a lot of stress on my part that could have been alleviated if I backed it all up!

I write this as a loving PSA to any makers, freelancers, or artists out there:

Back up everything on something like google drive, so you can access it at any time!

These things are especially important, you never know when you might need them!

-pricing charts

-logo files

-marketing materials

-commission contracts

-model release forms (!!very important!!)

-artist statements/bios

-old pricing charts, previous contract records, and sketches

Feeling super burnt out from school projects and itching to use the new cutwork design I bought from Urban Threads (and get rid of some hot pink jersey I have hanging around), so before I start commission stuff tomorrow I might be throwing this together…


Also bemoaning the lack of colors that look good with hot pink. (without screaming Barbie!) I feel like I need a leather jacket and some studs or spikes or something to go with this because the fabric I have is TOO PINK FOR ME

New metals work!

Dragon Pendant and Earrings currently on display at NHIA’s Minumental Exhibition

Currently available for sale through the gallery.

Working my way through a dress for my senior project, which will be a museum exhibit of a magical city locked away for centuries. 

"Found in a tailor’s shop was a gown of silks and velvets and heavy brocades, belonging to a noble of the Bruadnath family. Alchemists and capitalists, the Bruadnath wished to aid the spread of magic across the world, not only for the benefit of the world, but also their coin purses…"